#510: It’s all about Frank

*Featured Image by TESDTown


The boys debut a new Patreon show for all to enjoy.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Frank #5 and Mrs. 5

Git’em Steve Dave

Mentioned Person


It’s all about Frank


“Our listener base is very, very intelligent.” – Walt

“I dunno, we don’t really like the three way.” -Frank 5

“You know when you say it out loud and talk about it, you do sound like an asshole.” – Mrs. 5

“Are potatoes a species?” – Walt

“What, What!” – Git’em

“It’s like being with a cow…. In the passenger seat.” – Frank 5

Memorable Moments:

A pilot episode for a potential Patreon series: Frank 5’s top 5s.

What are Frank 5’s favorite: Days of the Week, Lightbulb Wattage, Thermostat settings, Cruise Control, Potato, Hours of the Day, Ways to say hello without saying hello, Worst type of shirt, days of the year.

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