#158: Do You Believe In Miracles?

Pod Description:

A champion is crowned as the Pod Wars reach their conclusion.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn

Git ‘Em Steve-Dave

Sunday Jeff

Ming Chen

Mike Zapcic

Rob Bruce

Darren Johnson

Mentioned Person:


“I Sell Comics, that’s your line. Is that Mikes Cock in your behind?” Sunday Jeff

Game Played:

Rap Battle, Password, Eating Contest

Memorable Moments:

Event 3: Password.

Each team get’s three words to guess. Team Revel Cycles is Sunday Jeff and Darren Johnson for this event.

Team Sheldon the Sheep on Youtube wins the Gold in this Event.

Event 4: Rap Battle.

Round 1: Ming begins his very long Rap busting on TESD. Every time you think it’s over, it keeps going.

Round 2: Sunday Jeff hits hard against Ming, Walt urges Jeff not to use a super explicit slur.

Round 3: Q tries his best to dis Mike and Sunday Jeff even though they are difficult targets.

Round 4: Bry raps attacking Ming with a track laid down by J-Sarge featuring the Ching Chong song.

Round 5: Ming rebuttles with even MORE raps against Bry.

Team TESD Army wins the gold in this event. Ming will not accept that he lost the rap.

Event 5: Eating Contest.

Q, Sunday Jeff, and Ming must compete in who can eat the most Baby Food by weight in one minute.

Sunday Jeff with team Revel Cycle wins Gold in this event.

This makes Team Revel Cycles and Sunday Jeff the overall winner of the Pod Wars



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