#483: A Joy Ride in Space

*Featured image by Nicky Branco

Pod Description:

Neighborhood patrols, ‘raunchy’ parades, advertisers, serial killers, Jeff Bezos and stoned lobsters


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn

Git’em Steve Dave

ReOccuring Segments

Hitlearn something new: Does a pair of sneakers resemble Adolf?


“Q, I noticed your boner’s in full bloom.” -Bry

“Fuckin’ no cameras while we’re drinking baby blood.” – Walt

“You think there’s something as a just king?” – Q

“I diagnose you with Gay.” – Bry to a rollerblading Walt

“Give me his numbah.” – Q

“Are they talking about BJs being performed on the parade float? Too much.” – Walt

“Nesting dolls of shame.” – Bry

“A tree dying is like a cock that can’t get hard.” – Walt

“You can’t just show up in a barbage bag and expect this dick to fuckin’ salute! I don’t care how much blue chew is in there.” – Q

“I found the funnier they are the less chance we get paid.” – Bry about advertisers.

“I want to dangle by my fuckin’ fingertips off a side of a mountain.” – Walt

“She’s clowning you, dog.” – Q to Bry

“You guys would be soaking wet and I’d be dry as a pickle.” – Walt

“Civilization has made us soft, wet pussies.” – Walt

Memorable Moments:

Q is all scarred up from poison ivy on the face, arm and legs. He has been doing his own gardening like the common man. Q pulls the post from Twitter after receiving too much sympathy and concern. Walt gives Q the same remedy he once gave his daughter, go jump in the river. Walt tells of a time he had to go to the Emergency Room with Poison Ivy that gave him swelling down below. Walt is allergic to all poison plants, even the dreaded poison apple.

A Pride parade is scheduled at Riverside Park in Red Bank. What sort of kink and public displays would be tolerated? Walt suggests BJs allowed as long as the guy keeps his mouth on it the whole time so you never see phallus. Karens at a California hotel berate a couple sharing a same sex kiss.

Q hits NYC for a night of partying for the first time since COVID. Jiggy gets punched in the face for no reason. Q says its like Sodom and Gomorrah.

Would Q ever join a neighborhood watch? Walt suggests he can pretend to be bird watching but really keeping tabs on the town. A young Walt was aggressively scouted to join the neighborhood watch, he says it was like a Frankenstein mob. Walt used to believe this guy would let Walt’s dog out until he observed the dog opening the gate on it’s own.

Blue Chew ad has Walt ask questions about how fast acting the drug is and what if you pop too early at a restaurant.

Bryan asks Walt what he would do if he decided to reconnect with his father but found out he was imprisoned for being a serial killer. Would he be more likely to sit down to talk to him or less. Bry thinks Edgar could have several bodies hidden under numerous construction sites.

Jeff Bezos is going to space. People mock his rocket for looking too much like a dick. Walt chides him for putting a crew at risk for his joy ride.

The guys’ road trip to the Grand Canyon is ready to set off. Walt buys new hiking sneakers. Debbie Flanagan questions Bryan’s stamina. Walt considering getting a hoverboard to help him traverse the canyon. Bryan is turned into a pack mule for the hike and is in charge of protection.

Git’em maintains that birds are immune to spicy food.

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