#534: The 2022 TESD Halloween Spooktacular

Featured Image by TESD


Join Bry, Walt, Q and special guests for the spookiest episode of the year!


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn

Git’em Steve Dave

Sunday Jeff

Ming Chen

Will Rogers

Mentioned Person



What’s on the Menu

That’s Gitemtainment


“I’m glad I made the cut.” – Ming

“I’ll wear that Loincloth.” – Walt

“I got to show Q that his monsters suck.” – Walt

Memorable Moments:

Ming Chen makes a triumphant return to the podcasting table. Bryan says that while most people’s instagrams aren’t real indications of the lives that they lead, that Ming’s is 100% true to life.

TESD releases an All New Sunday Jeff Show benefit pod, Tim-Aid, on bandcamp to help support the Rec Center’s own Timmy Hill who’s home in Florida was hit hard by Hurricane Ian.

Walt tasked Ming with recording an I Sell Comics section for Tim-Aid but Ming couldn’t bring the band back together.

Ming denies being constantly blottoed, although Walt continues to question this as the pod unfolds. Meanwhile Q is hung over after having 14 Bud Lites while playing beer pong with Post Malone.

Troy Aikman in trouble over a comment made saying the NFL should take off their dresses.

Walt puts out the call for information about Monster Bill

Will Rogers, a new face in TESD Town, wrote an audio drama based off of Abbot and Costello Meet Frankenstein where Dracula captures Git’em and Sunday Jeff and wishes to use Git’em’s 148 brain to power Frankenstein’s monster. This interactive game sends Bryan, Q, and Ming Chen to the rescue to see if they can save Git’em and Sunday Jeff before it’s too late. To do this the boys must win challenges to gain the aid from three mysterious figures labeled only Michael, Fred, and Jason.

Round 1: Trivia Questions about the Halloween Movie Franchise. Will the heroes gain Michael Myers as an ally? Or will they have to settle with Canadian comedic actor Mike Myers?

Round 2: Horror Movie Dyslexia. Will Freddy Kruger or Fred Flintstone be in TESD’s corner?

Round 3: What’s On the Menu: Trick or Treat edition. Jason Voorhees is a free agent, but so is Jason Mewes. Which will TESD win to help fight Wolfman, Frankenstein’s Monster, and Dracula?

An epic 3 on 3 battle erupts as the Universal Monsters fight TESD’s champions, but in the end the Monsters are victorious and Git’em’s brain is still in danger. Sunday Jeff takes a page out of Stranger Things and suggests using music to fight back. He and Git’em sing famous duets in That’s Git’emtainment!

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